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A call for change


The vision of a new Haiti

A new social project, a new system to promote

The new Haiti that we are promoting is based on the law, on justice, sharing, solidarity, education, respect for the environment, and a strong commitment for the common good. It is based on our national motto: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", to which we must give a more tangible content, rooted in real action. This should begin with an acceptance in practice (beyond the rule of law) of the principle that all Haitians are equal, regardless of their age, their gender, their social, ethnic or geographical origin, their place of residence (Haiti or the Diaspora), the color of their skin, etc. This would lead us to build a common destiny anchored on non-discrimination and a sense of shared citizenship. All of this requires that we construct a society grounded on fundamental rights: the right to justice (fight against impunity), the right to security, the right to education, the right to health care, the right to work. This new Haiti is also based on a genuine decentralization policy that makes local development possible, in sync with the country's national development, a decentralization process that frees the creative energies of the regions so that they can take charge of their own destiny and provide the citizens services at the local level.

All this can become possible only through the commitment of everyone - individuals and businesses - to assume their civic responsibilities, for example by scrupulously abiding by the law and paying their taxes. For that, we need an educational system capable of developing well-balanced citizens who are freedom-loving and cherish humanity. We need an educational system that can train honest, fair-minded citizens who also value equity, to arrive at a judicial system that embodies the rule of law. We need an educational system apt at training citizens endowed with a sense of honor and a sense of the respect one must have for one’s word. These attributes are the building blocks for erecting an economic and social system based on trust and capable of creating inclusive prosperity.

To achieve this, we need to act on our educational system and our culture, which are the molds generally used to forge the citizens of any society. Indeed, we need an educational system that instils new values ​​of civic responsibility and personal integrity, while promoting an ethics of the means whereby the end does not justify the means. An ethics of the means that takes a stand opposite to the degaje pa peche (coping is no sin) posture. A system of public ethics that condemns success when it is achieved at the expense of others and at the detriment of established rules. An ethics of success that punishes those who want to pretend to be "smart" by resorting to fraud to achieve their goal. A system of citizenly ethics that learns to comply with established rules rather than trying to circumvent them at all costs to achieve one’s ends.

Group for reflection and action for a new Haiti – GRAHN – For a brand-new Haiti

Call for a new haiti

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